So you are stuck at home due to the global pandemic and you wish to learn a few easy but delicious recipes to make when you get that midnight hunger attack. Maybe you have tried some of the best recipes on google but have failed miserably. Not to worry, these recipes are easy to make and save you significant effort. 


The top easiest savory recipes are known to man 

Avocado and egg sandwich

So if you are looking for something that is quite filling but delicious at the same time, you may want to cook yourself up a nice avocado and egg sandwich. The only thing you need to know is to toast two pieces of bread, however, you like. Cook an egg, sunny side up and get yourself a nice avocado. Now, begin to spread the avocado on the piece of bread and put your egg on top of it. The next step of seasoning is completely up to your liking so season the sandwich based on however you like. 


Pasta of your choice

This one may sound like a ton of work but it’s really not. Start by boiling any kind of pasta you like. From bowtie to fettuccine, it all depends on what you like and what you have. After you have successfully boiled the pasta, you can either season it with a traditional pasta sauce and you are done. Or, if you do not have the sauce, make your own using ketchup and herbs available in your kitchen. It makes up for a delicious meal in no time. 



These savoury meals will leave you satisfied and filled until your next one and you will be surprised as to what you can do in the kitchen. And plus, both of these meals can be fully customised and prepared differently each time so that you do not get tired of them.