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The art of eating well and taking one’s time is typically French. The kitchen is a convivial room where one spends many hours, once partitioned, it opens more and more on the living rooms with the presence of a central island which become the real centerpiece of the house. Discover all the latest trends in comfortable and functional kitchen design in this blog.




Kitchen ustensils

To cook you will need a lot of utensils that you don’t necessarily know! Find on this blog articles explaining the utensils needed for each recipe.

Vegetarian menu

If you are vegetarian, you will be able to have access on this blog to entirely vegetarian menus, composed of vegetarian and varied products.


Find on this blog a lot of cooking tips.

Since 1987

Cooking is an art that requires a good dose of know-how but without good equipment it becomes complex. Cooking ovens, food processors, frying pans, household appliances become your best allies to save time and efficiency. As long as you know how to choose them well.

Because today the offer on household appliances is regularly diversifying, and it becomes difficult to understand the subtleties of each function and to find the product that meets its needs.

This blog offers regular columns on household appliances and professional kitchen equipment to guide you in your purchases.

This blog is maintained by a team with a freelance cook, a web editor and a professional cook. Friends in life, they decided to unite their passions in a blog dedicated to cooking.

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